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Secure Phone

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Secure Phone

Encrypted Communications Mobile Device

Secure Phone is a user-friendly end-to-end encrypted mobile device for secure messaging, talk, video, and file sharing.


Secure Phone

For Securer and Better Business

Secure Phone runs on a custom-built OS and is designed to keep your private communications, well, private. It uses military-grade encryption algorithms to ensure that voice, data, text, emails, videos or files are only seen or heard by authorized persons. Secure Phone comes with a Secure Administration System (SAS), which gives you remote control over your device.
Secure Voice Secure Chat Secure Email
With Secure Phone you have encrypted voice protection for all incoming and outgoing calls.
Secure Phone allows user to send and receive messages, photos or other data directly and securely. We don't store any information on our servers.
Secure Phone lets you send sensitive information via email, allowing for faster, safer communication.
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Need to Learn More About Secure Phone?

The Secure Phone White Paper comprises everything you need to know about Secure Phone. Learn about Secure Group’s mobile communications encrypted device and what makes it a standout on the end-to-end encryption market.


What Makes Secure Phone Safe?

Honestly, you don't have to believe us when we say that Secure Phone is the best protector of your data. You can see for yourself. Any serious party is welcome to review our source code and inspect our encryption methods. Our bulletproof technology has been tested by the best judge of them all – time.

Secure Phone Includes

  • Secure Voice Secure Voice
    Secure Phone comes with a preinstalled app called Secure Voice. Secure Group built the app from the ground up, using the ZRTP protocol. It offers users encrypted voice protection for all incoming and outgoing calls, and destroys keys at the end of each call.

    The ZRTP protocol detects when calls start and initiates a cryptographic key agreement between two parties. Once this is done, it proceeds to encrypt and decrypt the voice & data packets on the fly.

    Secure Voice offers:
    • Worldwide encrypted phone calls over any 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network.
    • Keys are destroyed at the end of the call.
    • Encrypted mobile conference calls – 100% end-to-end.
    • Sophisticated compression technology to deliver the highest voice quality.
    • Encrypted video calls.
    • Seamless call quality – our audio/video bitrate algorithm adapts to any bandwidth to provide the best possible call quality.

  • Secure Chat Secure Chat
    Secure Chat is one of the most used apps on Secure Phone. It works just as normal chat, but uses the OTR (Off-The-Record) protocol, which ensures that messages are only seen by chat participants. No information leaks, no interceptions.

    The application supports encrypted file and image sharing, push to talk (voice clip) and user verification, and is a secure alternative to Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat and other communication apps.

    Secure Chat offers:
    • 256-bit encryption – Тhe same used by banks and retailers.
    • Authentication method using the “socialist millionaire” protocol – It allows two private parties to verify each other without the need of public keys (like PGP).
    • Peer-to-peer messaging – No data is stored on our (or any) servers.
    • For Your Eyes Only – Permits user to remotely delete conversations.
    • Deniable authentication – No digital signatures on any message.
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy – Even if your keys are compromised, past conversations are not vulnerable.

  • Secure Email Secure Email
    Another preinstalled app on the Secure Phone is Secure Email. It’s a user-friendly end-to-end email encryption solution that automatically encrypts and decrypts emails. All this happens directly from one user's client to another via PGP.

    PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy and uses 2 different keys to protect your email. This way, not only does PGP protect email conversations from prying eyes, but it also verifies that the sender is who he says he is.

    Secure Email offers:
    • End-to-end encryption – Generate new keys on the fly and update to server quickly.
    • Keys not stored on our servers – Encrypted PGP messages cannot be read by anyone (including us) but the intended recipient.
    • Email contacts integrated with Secure Chat and Secure Voice.
    • Remote wipe capabilities – If compromised, send yourself an email with a specific code from any source, and wipe your phone.
    • Multiple account support – assign granular settings to each account.
    • Store encrypted drafts.

Secure Phone Including International
Roaming SIM Card

Upon the purchase of Secure Phone, you also receive an international SIM card with NO roaming fees in over 190 countries. This is a perfect solution for people who travel often, or companies with locations all over the world.

SAStain control of your Secure Phone

The Secure Administration System (SAS) is a mobile device managements platform letting you manage Secure Phone‘s software, operating system, applications and accounts.
Keep Your Phone
Safe with SAS
Granular Control
The Secure Administration System
manages device features,
the phone’s OS and apps.

Secure Phone Offers Applications To Suit Your Client's Needs

Secure Note
Secure Note
The safest and fastest way to store information on your encrypted mobile device is with Secure Note, an app protecting your documents with a password.
Secure Chat
Secure Chat
Secure Chat is encrypted chat using the OTR (Off-The-Record) protocol. It works as normal chat but boasts higher level of security than standard communication apps.
Secure Email
Secure Email
The Secure Email application provides PGP secure email solutions with automatic encryption and decryption of sensitive email.
Secure Voice
Secure Voice
Secure Voice lets users make worldwide encrypted phone calls over any 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. The app uses ZRTP verification ensures no one is listening in.
Secure Wipe
Secure Wipe
This phone will self-destruct in 5 seconds...Well, not quite, but Secure Wipe is the next best thing. The application allows users to quickly erase selected data.
Secure Settings
Secure Settings
This Secure Settings app erases all history, as well as texts and pictures. It’s a helpful tool providing more privacy and storage space.
Secure Firewall
Secure Firewall
Secure FireWall is like an enterprise firewall, but on your phone. It monitors the traffic coming in and out of your phone, and shows you what your device communicates to the other party.
Policy Manager
Policy Manager
The Policy Manager app protects your communications by customizing policies applied to your device. The app allows you to restrict users’ access to other applications and even the Internet.

Want to Sell Secure Phone? No Problem! Become a Distributor Today

If you decide to add Secure Phone to your product line, you immediately establish yourself as a go-to place for products with the strongest end-to-end encryption. We only say that because Secure Group, the device manufacturer, is known for its advanced technology development and bulletproof data protection.
Buy for less! Sell for more! Territorial protection! Dedicated support!


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