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Secure BlackBerry

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Secure BlackBerry

PGP BlackBerry Encryption Software

Secure BlackBerry delivers a hassle-free messaging and email over PGP encryption. Enjoy a familiar device with additional layers of security!


Secure BlackBerry

PGP Encryption for Messaging & Email

BlackBerry phones are notorious for being vulnerable to hackers and eavesdroppers. Not anymore. Secure Group has strengthened the phone’s operating system to protect not only the information you exchange by phone, but also the data stored on your mobile device. Secure BlackBerry includes free setup and free apps for spyware removal, device wiping and password-creation options.

Secure Messaging Secure Email
All messaging is done peer-to-peer. We don't store any of your data on our servers, and messages can be remotely deleted by the user.
Email is extremely vulnerable, but with our service, your Blackberry's emails will be securely sent and received via our encrypted channel.
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Need to Learn More About Secure BlackBerry?

The Secure BlackBerry White Paper is a short guide to help you learn about the benefits of encrypting your chat and email messages with PGP, as well as the options to remote wipe your device. Read more about the custom levels of security and the benefits of using double-password protection.


What Makes Secure BlackBerry Safe?

Secure BlackBerry protects your voice, data, chat and emails using the strongest available encryption algorithms; granting access only to trusted parties. Secure BlackBerry boasts unsurpassed reliability and employs custom levels of security. Create your own encryption keys and enjoy ultimate security with military grade PGP and OTR encryption. Moreover, the setup is fast and free.

  • your customers needBlackBerry Encryption for Messaging
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    Cellphones and smartphones have offered text and chat functionality for many years. But is your average chat or SMS secure or private? Not at all. On a typical phone, your messages are not only intercepted, but they are stored on corporate servers and can be requested by law enforcement or government entities without notice or consent.

    The Secure Chat application for BlackBerry is the solution. Using the OTR (Off-the-Record) protocol, we ensure your messages are only seen by authorized recipients. Moreover, we don’t store your messages or content, making your conversation not only private, but irretrievable.

    Secure Chat offers:
    • 256-bit encryption.
    • The “socialist millionaire” protocol – authentication allowing two parties to verify each other without public keys.
    • Peer-to-Peer Messaging –no data is stored on our (or any) servers.
    • For Your Eyes Only – а mode deleting any message sent after ten seconds, giving the recipient only the time needed to read the message.
    • Deniable Authentication – no digital signatures on any message. If a message is somehow intercepted, it CANNOT be attributed to you.
    • Perfect Forward Secrecy – even if your keys are compromised, past conversations are not vulnerable.
  • your customers need 3BlackBerry Encryption for Email
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    Secure BlackBerry runs on a customized OS and uses the Secure Email application. Secure Email is protected by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption. Why PGP? Well, PGP has been put to the test by thousands in the open-source market, but it remains the yardstick by which other encryption options are measured.

    Yes, there are other PGP solutions on the market, but most are corporate, expensive and compromised by corporate retention law – a back door is created to allow companies to retain and store communication data. On the other hand, there are solutions geared to the “geek” crowd, which are low-cost or free, but require a great deal of configuration and maintenance.

    Secure Email offers:
    • End-to-end encryption – Generate new keys on the fly and update to server quickly.
    • Keys not stored on our servers – Encrypted PGP messages cannot be read by anyone (including us) but the intended recipient.
    • Email contacts integrated with Secure Chat and Secure Voice.
    • Remote wipe capabilities – If compromised, send yourself an email with a specific code from any source, and wipe your phone.
    • Multiple account support – assign granular settings to each account.
    • Store encrypted drafts.

Secure BlackBerry Including Internationally
Roaming SIM Card

All Secure BlackBerry plans include a SIM card with no roaming fees in over 190 countries. The card is a perfect solution for people who travel often or keep constant contact with friends, family, customers etc. located in different countries.

Your Information is Your Information

Protect your real-time communications with Secure Group's in-house developed apps.

A Fleet of Security Applications

My Account gives you secure access to your account, and a 24/7 connection to technical support. Also, it lets you create your own encryption PGP keys.
Secure Chat
Secure Chat
Secure Chat is an encrypted chat channel that can only be accessed by the communicating parties. No data is stored on the network and keys are destroyed after chat sessions.
Secure Note safely stores text documents on your SD card. The application protects your information with a simple PIN number or a question/answer.
Secure Email
Secure Email
Secure Email lets you send emails using PGP encryption. All encryption occurs on your device before transmission and can only be decrypted by the intended recipient.
The Secure Clear application erases with a tap all history and logs from your phone. The app increases the speed of your device and serves as a shield against data-thieves.
This phone will self-destruct in 5 seconds...Well, not quite, but Secure Wipe is the next best thing. The application allows users to quickly erase selected data.
Secure Backup
Secure Backup
Secure Backup is an application that allows you to perform secure backups of your BlackBerry’s contact list. When needed, the app restores previously created encrypted backups.
BBappremoval software scans your cell phone for applications making your device vulnerable (including social media and games), removes them and reinforces device security.

Want to Sell Secure BlackBerry? No Problem! Become a Distributor Today

If you decide to add Secure BlackBerry to your product line, you immediately establish yourself as a go-to place for products with the strongest end-to-end encryption. We only say that because Secure Group, the device manufacturer, is known for its advanced technology development and bulletproof data protection.
Buy for less! Sell for more! Territorial protection! Dedicated support!


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